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Functional Intentional Training

Personal Training in Mt. Pleasant and Charletson, SC

At CDFIT located in Mount Pleasant South Carolina our main focus is to help every single person who walks in the door achieve an optimal level of body awareness and human function. Our functional training studio is outfit with cutting edge equipment and qualified personal trainers for the sole purpose of making you a better you. Through functional screenings, mobility testing, individual workout program designs, and progressive movement patterns, our personal training staff is here to help you be and feel your best. Using Charleston’s only public access to Keiser air pneumatic equipment and functional trainers, Freemotion incline treadmills, and brands like Vertimax, TRX, Bosu, Rogue strength equipment, Movestrong, Perform X, Concept 2, and more, our trainers are equipped to serve any individuals needs in performance, corrective, preventative, or functional exercise and will have you moving and feeling how you were intended to.

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CDFIT functional training staff can help you achieve your fitness goals whether you are:

  • Getting back into fitness after rehabilitating an injury
  • Aspiring athlete trying to excel your performance progression through sports specific movements and programs
  • Looking to combat the wears of our daily life by correcting your posture
  • Have little experience in exercise and are in need of guidance on how to correctly and safely exercise in a controlled setting
  • Drop or add a few pounds
  • Just trying to be the best you you can be

Marry Ann C.

Our Client

“I’ve had a knee replacement, sports injuries and have worked with many trainers. I’ve never found anyone as knowledgeable and motivating as Carl. And, because of him, I’ve never been stronger. He’s a rare find.”

Liz J.

Our Client

“I have personal trained with Carl Dearing for 3 years. I am 48 years old and training with him he has challenged me to achieve more than I ever believed. There are too many accomplishments to list. Carl is committed to his clients and is passionate to share his knowledge of fitness and nutrition.”

Nan V.

Our client

“It’s been 21/2 months since I started training with Carl after my left hip replacement last December. My gait has improved 100% and I am feeling my body strength improving. Carl is very devoted to great nutrition, fitness and whole body health!”

Keiser, it’s Physics

CDFIT is the Charleston’s area only public access to Keiser’s functional training equipment.

Why did we bring it to Charleston?

With Keiser Pneumatic Technology, the muscles remain active and engaged throughout the entire range of motion, with reduced shock loading to muscles, connective tissues and joints, which allows for workout programs that can safely improve physical and athletic performance in ways not seen with traditional strength-training methods. Our Keiser equipment is also outfit with display screens that give you real time accurate displays of power generation, your percentage per repetition of your peak power, and current resistance and repetitions.

Which means you can move through exercise at real world speed with resistance that can be varied to 1/10th of a pound with the touch of a button. By having access to this, we can now have the ability to track performance gains and symetry throughout the body over time. Taking the guessing out and giving accurate results on performance and bringing back strength to previously injured or deficient areas of the body.

This is the same equipment used by:

  • Olympic training centers
  • Professional athletes worldwide
  • Top end Physical therapy and rehabilitation clinics
  • Military
  • NASA
  • Firefighters
  • And more
Try it for yourself, only at CDFIT!

Our Team

Carl Dearing

Owner/Exercise Physiologist/Trainer

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Owner Carl Dearing’s work in functional training and individual program design stems from work as an exercise physiologist in the hospital and physical therapy settings and as a sports performance coach for high school, college, and professional athletes in Philadelphia. Athletes, top business professionals, and people of all stages of life have chosen Carl and his outlook and insight into the human body to help them achieve peak performance, heightened body awareness, and increased quality of life.

Tyler Newton

Personal Trainer

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As a Certified Personal Trainer over the last year, I have come to enjoy my clients success more than my own. My goal is to help my clients reach their full potential. Im not satisfied until my clients are. While working out is not the place we typically find the most exciting, I try to bring a fun new approach to getting back in shape. I am well rounded in strength and conditioning programing, weight loss, and bodybuilding. In my spare time I enjoy working out, playing golf, and traveling.

Jason St Clair PT, DPT, OCS

Physical Therapist

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Dr. Jason St Clair is the founder and owner of RISE Rehab. He believes strongly that the ultimate
goal of physical therapy should be to get people quickly and safely out of the medical system
and back to the performance they desire. His motivation to create a model of care that respects
his belief system led him to dedicate the past 5 years seeking advanced education and
obtaining his Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist as well as a Fellowship in Orthopedic
Manual Physical Therapy (FAAOMPT). This dedication to his training has given him the ability to
clearly identify the current source of one’s pain or primary limitations leading to the inability to
perform to their desired level. Being able to quickly identify these factors allows him to look
more broadly and to understand each individual’s unique situation and contributing factors that
have led them to seek out his care. Of equal importance, Dr. St Clair believes that every
individual must take an active role in the planning and goal setting process, which will enable
them to control their situation through his professional guidance. Dr. St Clair works with all
active individuals of varying performance levels and has a special interest working with
endurance athletes, as he was a collegiate track and field/cross country runner himself. In
addition to RISE he is also Adjunct Faculty in the Physical Therapy department at MUSC. Beyond
his career, he enjoys surfing, working out, and spending time with his wife and 5 year old son. If
you have unresolved pain or feel you are not performing to your potential, please reach out
and schedule an initial consultation.

Amy Lucas

Personal Trainer

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Amy has been competing in triathlons, teaching cycle classes and strength classes since 2010 and has been a lifelong athlete. She knows how it feels to be competitive, highly motivated, strong and win races. She also knows how it feels to be weak, unmotivated, struggle with nutrition, and not want to get off the couch. She enjoys working with all types of clients helping them achieve their goals.

Amy became a Certified Personal Trainer in 2015. Amy has her B.S. in Nursing and enjoy working in the health/ wellness field. she believes that exercise and strength training should be fun and individualized. Build a strong foundation first and grow from there. Exercise is essential for wellness in life.

Amy enjoys competing in triathlons and other races. Amu also teaches cycle classes and small group strength training.

Scott Greendyke

Personal Trainer

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Scott Greendyke started his fitness career after losing 80 pounds in 6 months in 2013. He originally was a computer network engineer for over 20 years when he decided to make a lifestyle change and become a personal trainer. His focus is to simplify fitness and weight loss for his clients. Scott prides himself on the relationships and trust he builds with his clients.

Andrew Howard

Personal Trainer

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Head Baseball Coach for Oceanside Collegiate Academy. Speed/Agility specialist in ALL high school sports. Speed training has become crucial in the development of young athletes and this studio provides the necessary equipment to combine Speed and Strength to perform at the highest level. All ages and experience levels encouraged to call or text (770)377-6146 to schedule an appointment.

Kelsey Quinn

Personal Trainer

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Kelsey is passionate about helping others achieve the best version of themselves through fitness and nutrition. As a holistic health coach and personal trainer, she knows that true health starts with how you treat your body. Learning how to move your body efficiently and safely aids in weight loss and an overall better life. Kelsey is dedicated to helping her clients realize their fitness and health goals through a personalized approach.

Instagram: @kqwellness

Kiera Dare

Personal Trainer / Functional Trainer

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Kiera Dare is a certified NASM Personal Trainer and has completed the Functional Patterns’ Human Foundations course. Kiera works with her clients on increasing range of motion, mobility, and strength so they can pursue their passions and live more active lives. Kiera Dare is a passionate mother of three crazy kids and an active competitor in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. She understands all too well the importance of energy, strength and movement.

Instagram: @Kieradare