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I’ve had a knee replacement, sports injuries and have worked with many trainers. I’ve never found anyone as knowledgeable and motivating as Carl. And, because of him, I’ve never been stronger. He’s a rare find.

Mary Ann C.

Been going to CDFIT for a few months now. Increased my vertical 6+ inches! Along with getting stronger everywhere else.

Ty S.

I am 63. I have worked sporadically with four or five different trainers over the past 25 years. I have been working with Carl for about a year. Carl is the only one I have stayed with for this long. My goals are process not transformation, but the results seem for me to have been transformation. Carl has always listened to me and helped caution me to keep me safe from injury. Prior trainers always seemed to want to transform me and I would quickly end up injured, this has not happened with Carl. He is sincerely careful and deeply cares about health. As a trainer, it turns out, Carl is simply a blast for me to work with. I had no idea weightlifting could be so much fun and physically pleasurable. Carl has an incredible amount of knowledge of exercise science, what the body can do and how to move it along in a safe way.

Sam G.

Prior to a severe closed head injury with 21/2 months hospitalization I was a practicing Professor of Surgery doing pediatric orthopedic surgery at MUSC and a competitive three-day event rider. After feeding tube removal, inpatient PT, OT and Speech therapy I became a competing paraequestrian and, in addition to riding six days per week, Carl Dearing has been instrumental in my rehab program. He pushes me but has always recognized my deficits resulting from my head injury. He is mindful of my severe balance impairment as well as my asymmetry with my right side being very dominant. Carl’s work has helped me to be invited to the World Equestrian Games training camp in July as one of eight riders nationally.

Dr. Debbie S.

Incredible workout. I’m a professional baseball player and this gym does exactly what I need to perform at my best level

Carter L.

It’s been 21/2 months since I started training with Carl after my left hip replacement last December. My gait has improved 100% and I am feeling my body strength improving. Carl is very devoted to great nutrition, fitness and whole body health!

Nan V.

Aging Gracefully!
That was my goal when I started working with Carl over 3 years ago. I wanted to avoid the multitude of medications that other family members were taking and ensure that I could perform everyday activities as my birthdays mounted. Thanks to the conveniences of the gym and the dedication of my trainer Carl Dearing, I am meeting those goals. I am at the gym 5 days a week doing either cardio or working out with Carl during one of my two weekly sessions. Carl provides a challenging, personalized workout filled with a variety of exercises. With Carl’s support and dedication to his profession, I have become stronger, more flexible, improved my cardio fitness and lost over 30 pounds.
I feel great and I am meeting my goals – no medications, stopped smoking, great annual physicals, rising from chairs without assistance! Mission accomplished!

Karen E.

I have personal trained with Carl Dearing for 3 years. I am 48 years old and training with him he has challenged me to achieve more than I ever believed. There are too many accomplishments to list. Carl is committed to his clients and is passionate to share his knowledge of fitness and nutrition. Training with Carl, I more confident in myself and stronger than I ever knew I could be. He is hands down the best trainer, coach and excels at what he does by making his workouts challenging and So FUN. Carl Dearing is in one word: Awesome!

Liz J.