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Small Group Sports Performance Training Charleston SC

Small Group Sports

Studies show that working in groups to achieve individual goals can boost performance. The same occurs when a small group of people trains together to achieve fitness goals. Through group sessions, like-minded people can connect over their common objectives of getting in shape and achieving the physique that they’re training for. It also allows the trainer of the adult fitness class to give personal attention to each individual, essentially hitting two birds with one stone.

If you’re new to fitness and sports training, this write-up includes all you need to know about the regime. To sign up for the group sessions in Charleston, SC, schedule a consultation with CDFIT now.

5 Factors That Influence Sports Performance

Regardless of which sport you play or whether you’re looking to train to get in shape, it’s crucial to know about the factors that influence your sports performance and fitness levels to gauge what you need to work towards. Some sports may require more strength, while some require you to be more flexible. Here are five factors that can influence your sports performance.

Body proportions

Each of us has a natural body shape and build, and, likely, we are not built for all kinds of sports. Notice how most basketball players are lean and tall, while most football players have a wide and solid frame? This is because playing football can require more muscle strength. Even with training, not all kinds of bodies can be developed into sturdy frames, such as pro footballers.

It’s important to understand your body’s limitations and choose training regimes and sports accordingly. If you want to get a training regime mapped out for you based on your body type, consult a fitness and sports training instructor from CDFIT. Contact us now.


Strength training has numerous benefits. It strengthens your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones, aiding your performance while playing sports and performing day-to-day tasks. It also helps in preventing injury. If you play a sport, you know how some injuries can leave a lasting impact, even if the immediate threat has passed.

To prevent injuries, you need to train your muscles to absorb shock elements and withstand sudden impacts. Strength training also makes you strong and physically domineering. Strength exercises need to be a vital part of your training regime for these reasons alone. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to train with a personal trainer. Contact CDFIT to book a session now.


Flexibility training can help improve soft tissue extension capabilities around joints, enabling you to perform various movements. You can improve your body’s flexibility by performing stretching exercises and massaging the required regions. If you’re flexible enough, you can protect yourself from injuries since your muscles would be able to stretch just enough at an ideal rate. This would also improve your performance as an athlete, regardless of which sport you play. Stretching your muscles right is important to ensure that you don’t pull a muscle while stretching.

Beginners should stretch under expert supervision. Once you’ve got the basics under the belt, you can do the drill on your own and not run the risk of an injury. Schedule a session with CDFIT to get started. We provide both personal training sessions as well as small group training sessions.


Endurance is your body’s ability to withstand exercise for a long period. Such a regime conditions your body to sustain repetitive movements without taking a toll on your physical being and without causing you any pain while performing those. Again, endurance training is important for any high-intensity sport, especially one that involves a lot of repetitive movements.

If you play a sport, you need to design your endurance program so that the movements mimic what you do while you perform the said sport. For instance, baseball players are required to sprint during games. Therefore, sprinting through short distances should be a part of their regime. If you’re unsure what your endurance program should look like, contact CDFIT. From planning out your training to helping you execute it, we’d take care of all your fitness needs.

Why Choose CDFIT?

CDFIT is your one-stop destination for all your physical needs. From functional screening to mobility testing and individual workout designs, we are a comprehensive physical training service provider in Charleston, SC. Our personal trainers are qualified professionals with years of experience providing fitness training to beginners and experts alike. You will find everything you need to achieve your fitness goals at our studio. We would tailor workout regimes for you and provide you with all the equipment you need to execute the plan.

Whether flexibility training, strength training, endurance training, or skill training, our trainers would help you out with all these and more. We provide both one-on-one sessions and group sessions. Want to work with others to always feel motivated to keep going? We’d advise you to join our small group sports performance training sessions. Once you’re done with your physical training, you can check out our true infrared sauna to achieve deep healing and mental relaxation. You can schedule a session with us to learn how things work around here. Contact us now, or have us contact you. Check out our website to learn more about our company and our Small Group Sports Performance Training Charleston SC.